The big Internet boom happened about four years ago, when people started realizing that the World Wide Web could supply them with any kind of information, in a matter of seconds, faster than any traditional research and communication method ever could. I’d started using the Internet and electronic mail back in 1992. At that time, people thought me crazy, claiming it served no purpose to send a message that could reach its destination in a few seconds.

Since then, e-mail, newsgroups and public forums have grown at an amazing rate. Web sites have morphed from a collection of text-based hyperlinks to the rich multimedia experiences they have become today, and their number has increased exponentially. Nowadays, everyone has access to the Internet at home and uses a private e-mail address. After eleven years of using all that the Web offered, my brother and I decided to create our own Web sites, sharing our resources to offer you a preview of the things we cherish most.

Gilles is an anesthesiologist, who is currently pursuing a Master degree in Health Professions Education. His passion for art and computers has driven him toward computer-aided design, from digital retouching to digital illustration. He has been working with Adobe Photoshop since 1994 (version 3.0.5) and has since become an expert. He masters a wide array of tools that have allowed him not only to build incredible Web sites, but also to design spectacular presentations and lectures. He has gained a solid reputation as a narrator, as well as a lecturer.
I am an engineer, by training, and I currently work in aeronautics. In my free time, I’m a photographer. My passion emerged early in life, but is only around seventeen years of age that I really started dedicating myself to it. After more than 10 years of work, my techniques have finally started to mature and I am proud now to be able to present my work.

This site is divided into two sections, Gilles’ and mine. If my site will probably be very functional, Gilles’ will certainly be breathtaking… Our sites will shortly be on-line on this domain. In the meantime, you can access them on the sites of our current hosts, by following the links below.

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